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“It is with great pleasure and pride that I can announce another successful year of cultivation. In 2012 despite inclement weather, we achieved our out plant goal of establishing 400 hectares of rubber and in 2013-2014 another 500 hectares are planted which brought our total planted area up to date of 1,000 hectares including the 100 hectares experiment pilot program . It is a tremendous milestone and I can take considerable heart that at this rate, we will be able to fulfill our intended cultivation master plan as anticipated with bank support. I would like to thank all involved in making this possible and look forward to a successful and prosperous 2015 and beyond . Intercrop of pepper of 10 hectares are also planted for 2013-2014.

Agriculture has started shaping our dream of a prosperous country with respect to the environment and social wellbeing of the people. The Royal Government of Cambodia with the auspicious capable leadership of the Prime Minister whose envision and action to transform the former scarred battle ground infested with millions of B52 bomb craters into rural agricultural development starting with upper stream of rubber plantation to the down stream of various rubber related industries. In so doing, through the action of the land concessionaire there will be so many lives that will be changed for the better due to the job creation, worker house building, educational social cultural and sport buildings, physical and social infrastructures within as well as the surrounding of the land. E-Investment is honored to be part of the implantation company of this vision for the benefit of local economy and national economy as a whole. Guided by our corporate vision of the constant pursuit through hard work, endeavor and commitment, we are aiming to achieve our target by fulfilling the planting program and the social program by the end of next 4 years. We hope to contribute in shaping a prosperous tomorrow for all concerned and our society through our humble agriculture development contribution.

Our corporate values emphasize the importance of striving to be a valued and trusted partner. Based on those values, we approach business thinking about our day to day hard work with content and respect to the environment, our workers and partners. We will continue to strive to contribute creating a prosperous local community and the general society through our humble company. Finally, we will continually improve ourselves to ensure that E-Investment is a company that our customers, shareholders, business partners, and our employees can take great pride in. Thank you for your support.


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